Tuesday, June 3, 2008

RAKs I've Received

Hey, ladies! I apologize for not having the rest of the class cards up but I've fallen a little behind. You'll just have to be surprised at the class this afternoon and I'll photograph them and get them up tomorrow. In the meantime, here's some eye candy for you.

I recently joined a RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) group on SCS. This is a group where you can grant 'wishes' that people have for particular products or stamped images and also just send and receive cards. I thought it might be fun to try out and I thought it might help to keep me inspired to actually SEND the cards I make so I joined. I got a card welcoming me to the group from Erika (scsname=ekubida) which was very nice. I don't own this particular stamp set so I'm not sure of the name of it. I love the combination of colors that she used--very reminiscent of fall.

I've been hoarding these other cards I received a couple of months ago and I figured I may as well post them, too! This first one if from JoLynn and she sent it to me to congratulate me on my will power on a recent shopping trip. I seem to have an obsession with all things Coach and since I'm on a budget--I refrained from even walking into a Coach store and JoLynn was just so proud of my will power :-) HA! Now probably the most interesting thing to note about this card is that the patterned 'paper' isn't paper at all--it's actually a piece of a silk blouse that JoLynn recycled into crafting product--I guess you could say she's going green.
This card was given to me for my birthday from Ann who has embraced my pink and brown obsession. She made a cute little notepad which I should have photographed as well--it's just adorable! Ann is a friend I've mentioned before--she and I have reconnected since our days as college students.
Now, would you take a look at this envelope? Kate surprised me with a gift certificate for my birthday and she put it in this beautifully decorated envelope. The gift certificate is long gone (got some Adirondack ink pads and a Backgrounder), but I could not throw away the envelope! I even have a shopping list written on the back and still, I could not bring myself to toss it--it's just too pretty!

This birthday card was given to me by Lynny and you can see that she seems to have embraced my affection for all things pink and brown as well. I love this paper by SEI that she used on the background and the butterfly image she stamped is absolutely beautiful. I'm not sure who made that particular stamp, but it is really cute!

Hope you enjoyed seeing these projects and I'll be back with more projects for you tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

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Erika said...

This stamp set I used is called "True Friend" from Stampin UP! :-) I'm glad you liked the card!!