Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Online Shopping Now Available!

I've added this graphic as a link on my sidebar for anyone interested in ordering Stampin' Up! products online--how convenient, huh? Once you click on the link, it will direct you to my Stampin' Up! website and then you can click 'Shop Now' to begin shopping! The picture here is not an active link so be sure to click on the one on the sidebar to be directed to online shopping.

Please understand that online shopping is only available for individual customer orders. If your order is part of a workshop order or rotating hostess club, you do NOT want to use online ordering. Those orders will still be placed the same as usual. Thanks!


JoLynn said...

Oooh, this could be deadly!

Well, despite the fact that I know Ann has also bestowed this upon you, I must double-whammy you. You have an awesome blog my friend. Take a bow:


Ann said...

Oh, this could be deadly. 3 a.m. ordering, anyone? :D