Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, it's official--I am a Copic Certified Designer! Now, trust me...7 hours wasn't NEARLY enough time for me to master everything these markers are capable of so I see lots of practice in my future. I have some samples of things I colored and I'll share those tomorrow when I can get some better pics. In the meantime, I want to introduce you to the best blog you will ever find on Copics: I Like Markers. Marianne Walker is the Copic guru whom I had the opportunity to work with today in Chicago. I have been visiting her blog since she started it and I can tell you that her entries are PACKED with information--more than she even has time to share at the class! It was nice to see some of the different techniques being done in person--there were some 'aha' moments that I had today just watching her work. She really is a gifted artist and I was amazed to see her work--the photos just don't do the actual pieces any justice! Well, once you look at her blog there will be nothing left for me to teach you, but I realized when speaking with JoLynn the other day that I hadn't shared this blog and let me tell you--it's a gem. I'll add the link to my sidebar just so you'll always have it accessible. Have a great evening...this exhausted lady is hittin' the sack!

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