Friday, July 18, 2008

Coloring Embellishments with Copics

Customizing embellishments is very easy to do and definitely adds to the value of the investment one makes when purchasing these markers. I worked with three different items from Stampin' Up!'s Pretty Kit while I was there and all of these items started out as being bright white. To add color to the largest flower, I colored right onto the flower using two different colored markers trying to blend the colors as I went. The edges of the petals are more orange while the center is more yellow. It was definitely more difficult to blend on the silk flower, but with a bit more practice I believe I can get better at it. The picture actually looks better than the flower in real life--the problem I had was that I didn't get the ink blended very well around the center so there's a ring that makes it look like I set a wet tube or something down on the center of the flower. With Copics, you can go back after something is dried and continue working on it which is what I'll have to do with this larger flower. For the smaller two embellishments, I used the Copic Airbrush System to color them. I used two different shades of pink to color the smaller flower and I didn't cover it completely so there's still some white showing through the pink and it really looks airbrushed. On the smaller pearlback piece, I saturated it with a dark pink color and it has a nice shine to it. When using the airbrush system, you'll need to have something like a set of tweezers to hold smaller pieces in place while airbrushing so that they don't just blow away from you while you're working.

Currently, I do not own the airbrush system, but after using it on Wednesday, I think I 'need' it now so that will soon change :-).

Well, I will be back with something for you hopefully by Sunday. I'll be out of town tomorrow evening for a friend's wedding and I suppose I should get a wedding card made sometime soon! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!


Krystal said...

Karen Kelly maker of fabulous, beautiful cards is actually going to bring a handmade card to the wedding?! I am shocked! Just teasing since just the other night you were saying how you almost never have handmade cards for people. :)

Pamela Smerker said...

I would so love to attend a Copic class. Such amazing samples you have, thanks for sharing!!

JoLynn said...

I never really thought about coloring those pearls. Hmmmm. Thanks for the info, dealer.