Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cake Update

Well, I really need to go to bed but I'm a little wired from running around like a crazy woman the past 4 hours. I think my house is ready for the cleaning people tomorrow (today!) with a few last-minute exceptions that I'll take care of in the morning and I'm feeling pretty good about the cake. I made a small practice cake (not that I'm making that large of a cake for the actual party) and my first batch of marshmallow fondant and did some practice decorations and I'm pleased with how everything is coming together. I wanted to have stars in the 'Dora' colors but I just didn't like the way the stars looked and I thought the flowers on the Wilton box were so cute. Fortunately, I had the same cutters they used for their sample and so I finally just scratched all of my fondant stars and CASEd the Wilton cake!! HA! I didn't completely cover the cake and I still need to find some Dora decor--I have a candle but I want to find a little Boots toy or something to put on there as well. Wish me luck on the final product!
The colors didn't photograph very well so I'll try again tomorrow for a better pic...or maybe I'll just wait until the final cake this weekend. And who knows...maybe I'll actually make a card sometime this week!

For anyone interested in making marshmallow fondant, it's ridiculously easy and the instructions I used can be found here. It should come as no surprise that it tastes just like marshmallows!


Kimchi Burrito said...

It looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...


That looks awesome! You inspire me! LOL I don't know that Jasmine will ever get a cake like that unless I start with a box mix and used some ready-to-go frosting! Ha ha