Monday, April 28, 2008

TLC166: Two Way Open Card

Today's Challenge on Splitcoast was to make a card which has a unique combination of layers and folds. Here is a link to the thread which has a download for instructions if you are interested in making one of these cards yourself. The only thing I changed from these instructions is that I used a 4.25" inch square base instead of 4.5". I guess it's psychological--I figure I can get 4 bases this way from an 8.5" x 11" sheet of cardstock! I knew I wanted to use some of my SEI Jolie collection so I started with a couple of different sheets that I thought would work. I made my different panels and then I cut out the butterfly from a scrap used for the inside panel and adhered it so that it popped up as a litte decoration but also worked to secure the triangular flap to the left. I decided to make this card a birthday card for my mom even though her birthday isn't until next month. Better to be prepared, right? I have some stamps that my cousin got for me in Korea. My sister visited a few years back and told my cousin that I would really like some Korean sentiments and so my cousin had a bunch of stamps made for me. They don't really look anything like the traditional stamps we're accustomed to using. The sentiment stamps are on a very thin piece of wood as pictured here. I wrote the translation of the stamps on the sides since my understanding of Hangul is very poor--how embarrassing! My cousin also got me a variety of images to stamp with and those are on a different type of block as well. The other main difference between these stamps and the other rubber stamps I own is that there is no foam cushion on them. This makes it a little harder to get a clean image with the larger stamps, but I think I'll try putting a piece of foam or something under my paper because I've heard that can help. You can see the larger stamps have a handle mounted on them and I think they are designed to help the stamper get a better image; unfortunately, they cover the label so you can't really see what is actually pictured on the stamp! Thanks for stopping by and letting me share a little bit about this special collection of stamps I have!

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Kimchi Burrito said...

I love it!

Carolyn King said...

beautiful card---love the korean stamps too!! What fun!