Friday, March 28, 2008

The Funniest Card I've Ever Seen

I had a busy day today and didn't have time to participate in the challenge over on Splitcoast, but it sounded like a lot of fun. Participants were asked to use embellishments they had purchased and now just thought, "WHY??". You know those things you pick up thinking they'll be great for cards because the price is right and then they just sit there? So, now you just look at them wondering what in the heck you were even thinking? Well, I thought the gallery would be full of hysterical cards with funny outdated embellishments and I was a little disappointed to see that there were really just a bunch of nice cards! That's no fun! Well, I guess I didn't look closely enough because I noticed a post by JoLynn and it was a little award for someone who goes by the name MOTHERMARK on Splitcoast. Apparently, she had the BEST embellishment used on her card so of course I had to check it out. Well, let me tell you I was laughing and had tears in my eyes--this card has some funky embellisments on it! Can you tell what they are?

FAKE FINGERNAILS!! Isn't it hysterical!? Click here to see Mothermark's entry on Splitcoast if you want to read more about this card. She also has a link to the award given to her by our very own JoLynn :-)

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Ann said...

This truly is the funniest card I've seen! Thank God I've never bought anything that hideous! :)