Saturday, February 23, 2008

Canvas Class

I'm so busy preparing for my own events that I rarely go out looking for other local classes to attend, but this project jumped out at me when I was visiting Kate at the Keepsake Element so I just had to sign up for it. First, let me say that the Keepsake Element has a bunch of classes/events being offered and I really feel that they are all reasonably priced. Jolene Graning (not sure if that's exactly correct) is the Creative Director at the Keepsake Element and she is a seasoned scrapbooker who's attended Creating Keepsakes University and is now teaching at Creaking Keesakes Conventions all over the US for The Paper Element (the paper line manufactured by the owner of the Keepsake Element). She explained that they are trying to keep class costs low just to encourage people to come in and learn new techniques--I love that philosophy! Before this class, I had only made one other canvas and it was a lot smaller than this one. Jolene's sample had a lot of added details and embellishments, but you know me--I can't seem to think outside the box and so my project looked a lot simpler. I may play around with it a little more, but for now I'm pretty happy with it. Steve was so impressed he's already hung it up in Maddie's playroom :-)
If you're interested in seeing some of the classes being offered at the Keepsake Element, check out their website. I'm signed up for the class on March 20th if anyone wants to join me. Please know, they have the wrong project linked for that class so hopefully that will be fixed soon...I think I'll e-mail them about it actually.
All materials used to decorate/embellish were from October Afternoon


Kim said...

This is really awesome, Karen. Can't wait to see it in person!

JoLynn said...

AHHH! This turned out GREAT!