Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

It has been a busy week and the house is well on its way to being sold (hopefully!) My studio is officially GONE with only some supplies remaining in what is now Madeline's new playroom. We converted it so that we could stage a dining room upstairs and the whole place is starting to look like a before/after on some HGTV television show! It's been tiring, back-breaking work--okay, not really back-breaking but I did throw out my back while lifting and moving all of these boxes! UGH! Since I got a lot of work done this weekend, I thought I would reward myself with some downtime which includes updating by blog with a PROJECT--imagine that!

This past fall, I took an online scrapbooking class with my guru, Cathy Zielske over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Many of you know I fell in love with her and her style a few years ago with the purchase of her book Clean and Simple Scrapbooking (which is now 1/2 off!!). I then bought the sequel as soon as it hit the shelves (now more than 1/2 off!!) When I learned that she was teaching an online class, I knew I had to enroll. While I was unable to keep up with the assigments due to some hoopla in my life, I have printed everything out and am working on the layouts when I can.
Now, unfortunately, I did this layout so long ago that I can't even remember what the 'lesson' was for it! Hmmm...wonder if I packed that binder...

I used some pics from one of Maddie's first stamping projects--a birthday card for her aunt or Emo (Korean) as Maddie calls her. Maddie got to pick out the ink pads and the stamps all by herself and then I just let her do whatever she wanted. You can see that she actually did choose a birthday well as that little 'Thank Ewe' punny stamp. She had a great time inking up her stamp--though sometimes on the wrong side while making her card. It was a fun project and the type of experience I enjoy documenting.

The layout for this page was designed by Cathy Zielske. All of the sketches we had to work with were amazing and I would say getting those was worth the cost of the class in itself!

Well, I will be back with some other layouts later...and I will have to find my class materials so I can share what the lessons/objectives were that I was trying to work on while creating these pages. Thanks for stopping by!

For those who know Ann, be sure to stop by her blog for an exciting announcement!!


Carolyn King said...

What an awesome page--love the clean and simple look!

Hope all is going well with the house building!

Angie Tieman said...

Oooooh, love this!! Awesome layout and photos, must case this!