Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Symmetrical Layout

Here's my layout for the second sketch I mentioned in yesterday's post. I have trouble embellishing because I like the clean look of the photos by themselves. There is a project gallery for everyone taking the class so I'm going to spend some time looking at how others embellish effectively. Adding 'stuff' to my pages is something that does not come easy to me...I am really good at buying embellishments, just not using them. I broke down and used my own handwriting for the layout--not that thrilled with the look, but I'm going to leave it. I think I may change the background paper to either a print or a different color...the Kraft isnt' working for me here...or maybe the journaling panel should be switched out to a different color...what would you suggest?

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JoLynn said...

This turned out great, scrapbook designer! I know what you mean about using your own handwriting. I am so accustomed to the "perfect" look of computer print, that I look at my own and only see the imperfections.