Tuesday, August 5, 2008


When Stamping Bella released this particular Bella recently, it was perfect timing for me because....YES, I had just started that weight-loss journey myself. As I was approaching my daughter's 2nd birthday, it occurred to me that wearing maternity clothes was no longer an option. I mean really, you can only blame your pregnancy for your weight gain for so long, right? My friend Lisa had signed up for Weight Watchers online and talked to me about how much she liked it one day as I was out walking with Maddie. Lisa and her husband started the program and had success with it and as I walked home, I thought about how I wanted to lose weight, but really wasn't doing anything about it (consistently). So, the WW journey began and I signed up online that afternoon. Since that time, I've been on and off the program and met my initial goal to lose 15 pounds. It's funny, because I thought that if I got to my pre-pregnancy weight that I'd be the same as I was way back then. HA! The truth that my body has CHANGED has set in and so I still have a little bit to go.

I made a card like this one with a 'thank you' sentiment for Lisa and this one pictured is going out to a special someone who will remain nameless just in case she doesn't want it broadcast to my legions of readers that she has recently begun her own journey. Hopefully they've both received their cards by now since I've waited a week to post this one!


Angie Tieman said...

Super cute card! She's precious and love the colors you used! Maybe I should try that online Weight Watchers, I need to do something different!

Anonymous said...

Cute Karen! I understand what you're talking about. Things just don't go back to where they were do they! Ha ha ha