Friday, June 6, 2008


Before I gave it all up to be a MOMMY, I was a teacher. About six years ago, I earned my National Board Certification and while it doesn't really do me any good to have that feather in my cap now, I don't regret going through the process as it was something I was proud to accomplish. I was thinking about it and I have a good number of people in my stamp club who have earned their National Board Certification as well--JoLynn, Julie, Suzie and I missing someone? Also, a good number of master's degrees--Kate, JoLynn, Julie, Suzie, Krystal, Michelle, Beth...again, am I missing someone? LOTS of teachers around here which is why Teachabella had to find a home in my stamp collection. My good friend and former teammate just completed her National Boards and now waits patiently until November to find out if she has gotten her certification. Let's keep our fingers crossed! She took her final assessments on Monday and I was just waiting for this stamp to arrive so that I could make her this card. I just wanted to congratulate her on getting it all over with since it is an arduous process and she's had a rough year. Thank goodness for summer to wash away all of the stress! I had to go with a red and black color scheme since it's been her deal with her kids that if she gets her certification they're going to Disney. Now that I think of it, I should try and draw some Mickey Mouse ears on Teachabella! Oh, ya...think I'll try it. Okay, so get ready because you're going to be seeing a LOT of Bellas in the next few days because I have so many cards I need to make with the stamps that just came in. I can't wait for them to have a special with free shipping and handling again because I already have another order in the works! Bellas are like M& can't have just one.

The layout for this card was inspired by this sketch by Julee Tillman. I just couldn't get the sketch to work with the image that I had so I ended up modifying it a bit. I couldn't find anything to use for that smaller circle and so I just scratched it. I'm happy with the final card though so I'm not complaining!

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JoLynn said...

Cute card... great sketch! Must try...

I think it will kill you and me waiting until November for this news. I already know she's a Master teacher, though. :)

Oh, Bella queen. I will have to take a peek at your new stash.