Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Birthday Sale!

It's my birthday and instead of crying, I'm going to CELEBRATE if I want to by having a SALE! I tried figuring out what I wanted to do for this special and I had a lot of thoughts going through my head. My birthday is on the 16th and so is Maddie's--though hers isn't until June so in honor of both of our birthdays, this sale is going to run from April 16th-June 16th. I thought about doing something with 16% percent off, but do I really want to calculate that on every order--NO! So, out of my laziness--the SUBTOTAL SALE was born. Do you ever get your order together and then groan once you see all of that additional cost for the tax and shipping? Well, those days are over (temporarily :). During the SUBTOTAL SALE, you will only pay your subtotal! That's a 17.5% savings--you're practically a demonstrator with those savings! Happy birthday to ME and Maddie!

The FINE print:

  • I will place an order on April 20th, May 15th and June 16th. Orders need to be submitted by these dates.
  • You may take advantage of this sale ONCE unless you were a member of the Rotating Hostess Club. Members may take advantage of the sale every month if they'd like.
  • If you want to place an individual order outside of the group orders, the minimum is $75. This includes any orders that need to be shipped directly to you.
  • You can "cash in" your discount if you prefer meaning you can choose additional product instead of the cash discount. For example, you can pay your total as you usually would, but whatever your tax and S&H total is, you can choose additional product to add to your order totaling that amount.
  • Stampin' Up! is not accepting individual credit cards yet for orders--I thought it was going to be unveiled yesterday but it wasn't so sorry, no credit cards. If you'd like to pay via Paypal, the fees associated will be added to your total.
  • Tart and Tangy class orders should be placed separately since that package is already discounted.

ETA: 4/21 Here are some answers to some questions I've been asked...

Now, some FAQ about my Stampin' Up! Birthday Sale
There is NO minimum purchase if you are ordering with the group orders that are due April 20th, May 16th and June 16th. These are orders that are all being shipped to me and that I will deliver.
The $75 minimum is for orders that are being shipped directly to the customer and can be placed anytime before June 16th.
Yes, hostess benefits will be earned on individual orders of $150 or more.
You do not have to be a current customer of mine to place an order. HOWEVER, this sale is not intended to take business away from other demos. If you have an active/working relationship with another demo, I would rather not interfere with that relationship. Thank you for your understanding! If you do not currently have a demo, I'd be more than happy to hear from you!

I hope you enjoy this special and can stock up on some of your favorite papers and supplies during this time! Thank YOU for being the best customers and friends a girl could ask for--having you all in my life is like having a birthday everyday.

As for my BEST friend, it is her birthday today as well! Happy birthday to my twin sister--KIMCHI BURRITO AKA KIMICHANGA AKA TINY KIM AKA Kim :-) Here is the birthday card I made for her the other day. It served two purposes because I used it for the Featured Stamper on Sunday (Go KHARMAGIRL!). Anyway, this is a set from Papertrey Ink that I loved, but hadn't used until this very special project. Kim has a silkscreen that she got when she was in China a few years ago that is absolutely gorgeous. It's about 8-10 feet long and has the most beautiful cherry blossom tree on it so that's what inspired me for her card because I know how much she loves that silkscreen. The colors on the card reminded me of that silkscreen although I think there may have been more black on it. I asked Kim not to look at the blog today just in case she hasn't received it in the mail yet so hopefully she listened :-) Kim and I celebrated our first 30 birthdays together so it's been hard not living close enough to celebrate together the past few years. It's a funny thing being a twin--it's like you don't know how to have a birthday all by yourself! I wish we could share our cake and share the day--it's a lonely birthday without her. Okay--so now I'm crying so I'm going to stop. Here's something to cheer me up--Madeline is a fantastic stamper!

Of course, Madeline needed to make cards for Emo and also her Uncle Chuck (his birthday is tomorrow believe it or not!). She got to pick the stamps she wanted to use and of course the colors. I spun the ink rack around slowly and she picked the color orange. I showed her both cases of birthday sentiments that I had and she chose one of them to use for her card. I also let her use her markers and she started by making a lovely drawing in navy blue. Then, I showed her how to ink up her stamp and she inked up her stamp and proceeded to pound it onto the card! It was so funny because then when she went back to reink the stamp, she had it upside down!! She got it figured out though and continued working on her masterpiece. She tried using the glue pen to write and was really getting angry at it for not showing up. Nevermind the fact that it had the cap on and was...a GLUE pen! :-)
Watching her stamp was a lot of fun and I'm glad I thought to run and grab my camera while she was working because these pics just make me smile! Hope you enjoy our cards, Kim. We love you and wish you a very HAPPY birthday!

Happy stamping to all of you!

Sorry about these pics being all over the place--I can't seem to get this formatted very well!


Emo Kimchi Burrito said...

Dear Karen and Maddie-
Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL cards. I love them so much and I especially love the pics of Maddie working on my card. Too special!

JoLynn said...

OMG! How much do I love these pictures of Maddie? Yeah, little crafter!

Happy birthday, twin sistas. Karen, you are a nutcase... but... don't get me wrong... I will gladly take the discount. :) Thanks!

Nancy Riley said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and your sister! The card you made for your sister is gorgeous, and I enjoyed reading the story behind it! The photos of your daughter creating a card are just precious!

Ann said...

Maddie is TSC--too stinkin' cute!!! Love those pics!