Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hello, everyone! I'm sorry I don't have many stamping projects to share. I've been busy working on baby shower samples and am saving most of those to share for a later date so in the meantime I thought I'd introduce you to some other bloggers!

1. Kristina Werner: Kristina is a graphic designer who works for Stampin' Up!. She is extremely talented and has a fabulous blog. She recently started doing Make a Card Monday and it's one of my favorite blog features!
2. Beate Johns: Beate is the Creative Director for Splitcoaststampers and her blog is updated CONSTANTLY! If you are in need of a fix, defintely head over there. She has a new sketch challenge posted on Fridays and a new inspiration challenge on Tuesdays. You'll always find something beautiful and creative over on her blog.
3. Carolyn King: Carolyn is someone who caught my attention on the Splitcoast forums. I was 'at' a release party for My Favorite Things and while I was like the geeky girl who nobody talks to, 'Cammie' was the life of the party! I don't know why, but her comments about reading the Bible when people would 'enter' the party and ask what was happening just cracked me up! I started noticing some of her cards in the gallery and one of them linked to blog and I've been visiting ever since. Besides being a comedian in the forums, Carolyn is also a stamp designer for Gina K. Designs.
4. Gina Krupsky: Speaking of Gina K. Designs, here's another blog you'll have to peruse. Gina K. is one of the people I admire most in terms of how she runs her business and the relationship she builds with her online audience. Gina gives helpful tutorials, mind-blowing giveaways and a bunch of inspiration on her blog. I am embarrassed to admit that I don't actually own any Gina K. stamps, but someday I will!!
5. Cambria Turnbow: I found Cambria's blog through Beate's blog as she is one of the designers for Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge. I love the stitching/sewing that Cambria does on so many of her cards--I figure if I keep looking at her blog, I'll be motivated to try and use my sewing machine. Now, Gina K. recently did a great little tutorial on the Jenome Sewing Mini so between that and Cambria's cute cards, I really should have been sewing by now!
6. JoLynn Plato: I know most of you are already visiting JoLynn's blog, but I had to give the shout out once more! JoLynn has been doing so many of the challenges which means you're sure to find something new to look at when taking a look at her blog.

7. Dawn McVey:  I almost forgot my newest find.  It's no secret that I have a bit of a girl crush on Kristina Werner.  Well, she recently had a post where she referred to Dawn as her 'card twin'. Now, you know how much I love Kristina's cards so I just had to check out Dawn's blog.  Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  She is SO talented and it is amazing--she and Kristina really are card twins.  They have the same clean style that I appreciate and I love both of their designs so I've bookmarked Dawn's blog and will definitely head back to see what she's up to.  Oh, and an interesting tidbit about Dawn's blog--she e-mails you back when you comment!  How cool is that?  So, I'm thinking I need to set up my blog to e-mail me comments so I can e-mail the commenters back as well.  Oh, and another thing I may have to copy about Dawn...she started referring to her stamping space as her studio because she liked the sound of it.  Yes, I think 'studio' sounds much better than my 'scrapbooking' room or my 'stamping' room.  

So, I'm off to go work in my new studio--catch ya later! 

I hope you enjoy these other bloggers and I'll be back with more projects for you soon!
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Carolyn King said...

Oh my goodness...thanks so much Karen! How sweet of you to mention little old me! lol!

Cannot wait to see your baby projects!

Anonymous said...

Ok, you are too funny! :) Your post had me grinning from ear to ear...thanks so much for all your kind words! Hope you have a great day!

JoLynn said...

Thanks, Momma. An unexpected, but appreciated shout out. Woo hoo!