Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Maddie: Fearless at the Ocean

It was difficult getting pictures of Maddie's first trip to the beach because I was afraid of her being swept away and couldn't let go of her to actually take photos of her in the water. When we arrived, I assumed Maddie would be afraid of the ocean's rushing waves and loud noises--how wrong I was. She went straight for the water and just laughed as the waves rolled over her feet and got really excited when the waves got higher and crashed into

her belly. As the water receded, she'd typically get knocked onto her bottom and she thought that was really fun as well. The whole time I was just a nervous wreck because I thought of how easily she could have been knocked over so I just held on tight and tried my best to enjoy the experience as much as she was.


Kim said...

How beautiful!!! My eyes are filled with tears. How wonderful to see Maddie with beempa on the beach!

JoLynn said...

AWWWWW! I want to go see beempa on the beach!!