Friday, October 19, 2007

Convention Update #3

OMIGOSH--you are all coming with us next year to CKC. We have been having a blast!! Today, we started off with different classes. I went to a Creating Keepsakes class where we made a little accordian album that fit into a CD tin--adorable and easy project coming to a stamp camp near you sometime very soon! I lifted this image from the CK website temporarily...I forgot my USB cord for my camera so I'll have to use JoLynn's later to take pictures for ya. JoLynn started off the day at a class called, "A Thing or Two About Boys" where she made an assortment of projects. Then, she completed a 10 x 20 canvas that is SO beautiful! They are selling the kits to make on and I may have to get one--we'll see if I can show any restraint (by the way C & E--I ended up ordering that Halloween set...I really don't have any restraint, do I). I'll have better pics hopefully tonight.
We spent some time shopping at the Vendor Fair and I found a great project for my favorite stampers for Christmas this year! That will remain a secret SO no pictures of that :-) We will have some more blog candy to give away later this evening as soon as we can get some pics up. It isn't too late to try and win the magazine we're giving away--just comment on the post right below this one!

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Suzie said...

While living vicariously through your trip is wonderful, I would much rather be there. The projects look wonderful. I cannot wait to see JoLynn's project in person. I am amazed by the creativity of people - the cake, the tin, etc. Thanks for all the information and links, Karen.