Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Possible Class

After ordering these tins in March, I've decided it's time to stop tripping over them in my storage room and come up with a new class--card organizers! I decided to use the Au Chocolat Designer Paper to decorate my tin. I love the patterns on this paper and while I miss the brown, I'm happy to see that Stampin' Up! has two new colors in this series. I got to use my round tab punch on the divider cards on the inside which was very exciting. It's always nice to use what we buy, isn't it? Circle punches work great for the tabs as well. I used an assortment of ribbon on the handle--I was going to wrap the whole handle, but then I decided that was a lot of ribbon. I horde my ribbon which is ridiculous because I have PLENTY! Overall, it was a fun little project that took about an hour. What I really like about these tins is that they are super easy to decorate and you can customize them however you want! I've seen some where there is a monogram on the front or a person's name...nice if you want to personalize one for yourself or to give as a gift. I'd like to offer a tin class sometime before Christmas if there are interested stampers so be sure to let me know what you think!


educ8 said...

Delightfully creative. I like the whole, "let's use stamps for projects other than cards" feel to it. Count me in!

Kim said...

This is awesome! Wish I was there to attend a class.